Are you surrounded by thoroughbreds?

Who is in Your Circle?

Your immediate circle could be responsible for your rise or fall. Do they encourage you to reach higher? Do they support your cause? Do they congratulate you when you make progress? Be careful of the company you keep, some people will suck the life and light out of you. Do you spend time with individuals who tries to suck every ounce of your optimism and enthusiasm from your personality and your plans? The reality is, there are people whose main aim is to search and destroy. Ed Mylet said, "maybe the reason you are behind is because you're not running with or surrounded by thoroughbreds."

When you are surrounded by thoroughbreds, they naturally force you to aim higher, their standards of behavior is higher, their pattern of behavior is different and you can't help but admire and rise to their level of excellence. Thoroughbreds encourages their counterparts, wish them well, support their causes and is encouraged when they see others thriving to achieve something great as well.