what to say "no" to

Are you saying yes when you should be saying no?

Do you say yes to things that does not signal growth or progress? Why is it that we hang on to, keep moving towards or do things that does not move the needle point in a meaningful and purpose filled direction? Is it self-sabotarge? Is our brain playing tricks with us? Jessie Iztler advised to "say no to things that do not move the needle." It seem like the easiest thing to do. But our habits keep us from change or growth and we get stuck in a routine that does not serve us.

A growth mindset loves the ebbs and flow of what change brings. Saying no to things that does not move the needle point is choosing growth over stagnancy. What's stagnant remains at the same level, it remains average. It remains unchanged. Change is not always obvious either. Behavior can change. Mindset do change, Your knowledge and skill-set in an area can change. Stepping into the unknown often forces change. Taking risk forces change. Making sacrifices force change and as a consequence moves the needle. Jessie Iztler also stated that, "you can't get better doing the same things every single day." Hence the importance of saying no to anything that prevents you from trying new things, taking a chance and doing what scares you.

To guarantee that the needle does move on a regular basis, one has to break out of their daily routine. Growth comes from stepping into the unknown.